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Ankle Sprains , Ankle Fractures and sprains , Arm Fractures and sprains ( Incl. Elbow, Shoulder) , Arthritis, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,Clavicle Fractures,Finger fractures and sprains,Foot Fractures and sprains,Hand Fractures and sprains, Knee Fractures and sprains, Knee pain, Rib Fractures, Shoulder Dislocation, Shoulder Pain, Sports injuries, Tendinitis, Trigger Finger, Wrist Fracture and sprains


Casting and bracing of injuries , Elbow Fracture and Dislocation Treatment , Finger fracture and Dislocation Treatment , Hand Fracture and Sprain Treatment, Knee Fracture Treatment , Shoulder Fracture and Dislocation Treatment , Cortisone Injections, Splints: fitting and application, Toe Fracture and Dislocation Treatment ,Trigger Finger injections, Lubricating gel injections into the knee, Wrist Fractures and Sprains, Foot, Ankle Fractures and Sprains

Age groups : Adult, Pediatric, Teen
Type of practice : Solo Practitioner
Scope of practice : General orthopedic surgeon with a specialty interest